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Content written for’s employer brand blog, Planet Booking, featuring the BookingSuite office and employees in Seattle.

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Copy written for the LinkedIn Life Pages of to highlight company culture and departments.

Why join Customer Service?

There for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Super-human problem solvers who speak 42+ different languages. This is Customer Service. Completely unscripted, we’re real people, having real conversations, and making sure our guests have their best vacation yet. We’re a whole world just a call or click away – keeping our customers at the center of everything we do. And that’s not just a punchline, that’s the way we do things around here. That’s what makes us #1.

Why join the Finance team? is a fast-growing company where change happens in the blink of an eye. So the infrastructure we build is vital. At every minute, we have to know how fast is running. Every hour, we create the conditions crucial for measuring the business’s performance and making quick, innovative decisions. And every year—as more and more offices open worldwide—we apply the best practices in accounting and finance to improve the way functions as the world’s #1 accommodation site.

Why join the People team?

We are the lifeline of’s operations. Whether it’s attracting the smartest people from around the globe or developing a world-class organization to support our company’s massive growth – in everything we do, we foster the passion, diversity of thought, and culture of innovation that makes special. The People department puts these values into practice every day through learning, experimenting, and finding the right people for the right roles. This is why we are the planet’s #1 accommodation site and an amazing place to work.

Why join the Data Science team?

Everybody’s got an opinion, but we like to prove ours is the right one. All of our ideas at are data-proven, every aspect of our business – data-driven. A hybrid of data hackers, business analysts, communicators, and mentors, we work for all departments and each and every customer. Whether we’re working on product demand and customer loyalty, or optimizing website content and functionality – the Data Science team has the tools at our fingertips to change the way gets things done.

Why join the Technology Design team?

As designers, we have the freedom to make meaningful changes that help millions of customers experience the world. Creative problem-solving and autonomy is crucial to success. So we give you full ownership of specific platforms to innovate how you see fit. Our philosophy is to design a platform that enables elegant and seamless engagement between hotels and guests. And the best part? Joining our Design team means getting to learn alongside the industry’s smartest people, every day.

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These descriptions appear on the first page users see when reaching the website of Alexander Schleicher Benelux, a sailplane company operating in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The copy’s intention is to inform customers about the company’s history and innovation, and inspire them to engage with the brand.

Alexander Schleicher Benelux