Hi there, I’m Hannah!

I’m a communications creative working in the travel industry. Here you’ll find an outline of my experience and a few samples of the recent copy projects I’ve been working on.

My current focus is localization for the American market at Booking.com, where I landed after working in publishing and non-profit arts institutions. I dabbled a bit in design along the way, too. They even let me work at the Texas Senate once.

Today, my goal is to apply my varied background towards understanding communication from different perspectives / markets and creating language solutions that are fresh and accessible.

I like to spend my extra time traveling to glider airfields in search of good soaring weather. That’s meant everything from road tripping from the East Coast of the US to Washington state, to camping in the countryside of Poland for four weeks. Otherwise, you’ll probably find me finishing the last pages of my current read and shopping for new sneakers to fulfill my obsession – all while rolling out my yoga mat.

I’m currently located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before that I lived in Austin, Texas. And before that New York, New York.